Gardner Real Estate Family,


My favorite thing about New Years is that it’s a time to step back, reflect and solidify our vision and business plan for the upcoming year and beyond. As I sit here on New Year’s Eve watching my kids run around my backyard, it reminds me of why we do what we do…  We exist in a bigger way than selling real estate (and we sell a lot of it)... We exist to help our clients create the life they love. Home is where special moments happen. It’s where our day begins and ends. It’s a special place to restore and create memories with the ones you love.


On behalf of Glenn, Sharon and Chip, I want to express sincere gratitude for all you do on a daily basis to help people find the place they love to call home. Whether you joined our company this year or have been with us for numerous years, each of you defines who we are as Gardner Realtors, and we feel blessed to work with this incredible group of Realtors.


At Gardner, we exist to help you increase your income per hour so you can improve the quality of your life and create the life you love. Our goal each day is to provide you with the environment for success so you can spend less time on back house tasks and more time on the highest income-producing activities, which are working on future business and working in your business with clients.  


Although almost every aspect of the way we do real estate has evolved over the past 77 years, there is one aspect that stays the same- we will always provide the most value to your business.  How do we do this? Gardner Realtors continues to be at the forefront of the market with the most innovative marketing systems and business opportunities. Additionally, you have a first-class Support Team to help you be successful in meeting your business plan goals.  With our company's model and core values, we foster a culture where we're committed to service excellence/ creating experiences to cherish, we are always here for you, we're innovative, and at the end of the day, it all simmers down to GardnerLove.


November through December has been the perfect time to dream and business plan so that we can now hit the ground running in January (hopefully, everyone has completed a business plan for 2020!).  

It was especially rewarding to pull the 2019 numbers as we remain the number one real estate company in our market.  Additionally, the 4th quarter numbers going into 2020 have shown strong growth, solidifying the notion that Gardner Realtors is the company for the most successful and reputable Realtors in our region.


So, before we talk about why 2020 is going to mark one of the best years in our company’s 77 years of success.... 






Gardner Realtors Remain the Local's Choice for Real Estate, Helping More Locals Buy and/or Sell Residential Property Than Any Other Real Estate Company.


In the Metro New Orleans area alone, we helped locals with 3,300+ sale transactions, totaling over $775,000,000 in sales volume (*rentals excluded*).  In all of our markets, Gardner Realtors transacted over $1,000,000,000 in sales volume throughout the Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge, and South Mississippi Region. To put this into perspective, we successfully closed on a property every 30 minutes of every business day!

* Some broker reports include rentals in their reports, which make the sale and unit numbers look bigger than they actually are. Because we believe in being transparent, we pull rentals as a separate report.




Gardner Realtors Are Part of The Most Successful National & Global Network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World & Luxury Portfolio International.



Our network of leading independent real estate companies transact more U.S. Home Sales Volume in 2018 than our closest franchised competitor among the top 500 firms, solidifying the notion that the top local real estate company that is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World & Luxury Portfolio International has the most successful real estate model.





We Are Delivering More Internet Leads That are 5X More Likely to Close- Resulting in 183+ Additional Transactions.


We know that our core business comes from staying in touch with people who know, like, and trust you.  However, internet leads can be the icing on the cake to take you to that next level! As conversion rates on internet leads continue to go down, leading the industry to question the value they have on our business,|OpCity created a strategy to deliver internet leads that are 5X more likely to close than the typical internet lead... and Gardner Realtors have reaped the benefits of being the preferred|OpCity partner in the region.  


Through this partnership, our 114 active Opcity/ agents closed an additional 183+ transactions. The highest sale being $695,000, which is much higher than the national average for internet leads.

*As a company, we have a 4% closure rate on these leads, which is significantly higher than the national average for typical internet leads.



We Are Growing! We Attracted 41 EXPERIENCED Realtors and Accepted 70 New Realtors Totaling 110 Additional Realtors!


Join us in welcoming them to the most successful group of Realtors!



We Embraced a Learning Environment.


We offered over 600+ LIVE Realtor professional development opportunities taught by our trainers, managers, and office administrators. 


We installed 50 more Ninjas who are on the road to mastering the highest income-producing activities, which results in their ability to improve the quality of their life. *We now have 200+ installed Gardner Ninjas! 


Our managers became certified Ninja Leaders through a four-day Ninja Leadership Installation that focuses on how to attract top talent to our company and turn talent into production. In efforts to support you in meeting your financial goals, our managers have mastered Business Planning, The Buyer’s Process, The Seller’s Process, reading the market, The Ninja Nine, performing a Real Estate Review, FLOW and more. 


Our managers and office administrators went through a four-session MarTech training designed to help them be the first line of support for your technology and marketing questions.


We are investing in your future! Our Institute through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ranks #1 in the real estate industry - and #2 across all industries worldwide - in Training Magazine's Top 125 Awards.



We Enhanced Our Marketing Materials.


Our enhanced Seller’s and Buyer’s Guides are designed to assist you in communicating your value proposition as a Gardner Realtor.  We have numerous success stories from Realtors who are using these in their business systems.



We Increased FLOW.


Since starting the program we have sent 39,864 LoLo (Locals Supporting Locals) gifts to 3,817 clients and generated 54,876 interactions with clients. The gifts have generated $16,450 for local businesses. The agent with the highest engagement rate has 97% of her clients engaged. The company average client engagement rate is 67% (significantly higher than traditional email marketing).



We Continue to Be The First to Market with Several Innovative Business Opportunities.


In 2019, Gardner Realtors were the first to market with automated marketing solutions/FLOW through their CRM with local and relevant content, LOLO, GardnertotheMAX, and|OpCity Preferred Internet Leads Partnership.  In previous years, we were the first company to offer NINJA Selling, Matterport, Imoto Photo strategic partnership, Skyslope, House Talk Riders, your own branded mobile app and website and so much more.



We Launched a Targeted Listing Marketing Advantage - Gardner to the Max.


This year, at Gardner, it was all about marketing your listings beyond traditional forms of advertising.  When conveyed during a Listing Consultation, this is a unique offering that impresses sellers while further differentiating your value-added services.  We reached your sellers and potential buyers on major websites they frequent, such as,,, or even An extra perk is that your sellers have the opportunity to see THEIR LISTING featured on some of these MAJOR websites. And the best part? You, the Gardner Realtor, look like a rockstar.



We Launched an Office Facebook Page Social Media Strategy.


Our new Gardner Realtors office social media strategy is designed to promote your success and story as well as your listings to the community.



We Reimagined Our Realtor Website & App.


We acknowledge that this was not perfect from the start (challenges are to be expected with any new technology), but we have closed out over 250 bug tickets since Go-Live.  We are benefiting from a first-class technology solution, branded to you, with search functionality that competes with the major national search portals.


Nationally, we are working in collaboration with brokers around the country on a search portal, Broker Public Portal, which is designed to provide the most user-friendly online search experience, connecting the client with the agent, driving more quality leads to you without the large fees. We believe the search experience should be driven by people who sell homes, not ads.



We Enhanced Our Company-Wide Communications.


With our valuable weekly Business Meetings complimented by @Gardner, e-newsletters and office posters, we have streamlined our communications to assist Realtors in being market experts, learning about business opportunities, learning skills that help increase income per hour, and discovering what’s new on the market.



We Are Plugged in on National Real Estate Trends.


The way we do everyday life is changing at an unprecedented rate-- from how we order a ride to the airport to my New Years’ groceries arriving on my doorstep this morning. We must quickly adapt. This is why it’s important for the leaders of a real estate company to be informed, not only the current trends, but also the long term effects of the recent influx of Wall Street Money poured into our industry. We always have our eyes on the horizon.  With this long term view, we can align our vision to create opportunities for our Realtors with each change in our industry. The vision of the leaders of your company and the ability to make investments where needed are some of the most important factors for being equipped to support you in staying competitive in the future. Having national real estate connections and a generational outlook allows us to sail in the direction where skies are bright and business is plentiful.


We are considered thought leaders in the national real estate discussions that are happening through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World & Luxury Portfolio International, The Realty Alliance, The Enterprise Network and more. This is one of the many reasons my dad, Glenn Gardner, was named The Leader of the Year by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World & Luxury Portfolio International out of over 500 top real estate brokers around the world!






We Showed Lots of #GARDNERLOVE.


Our Realtors and employees donated $50,000 out of earnings towards helping hurting women & children through the New Orleans Mission. We did 12 serve nights at The Mission. We also gave a Christmas celebration to the homeless by collecting over 300 gifts at Family Night.


And to celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we dedicated 75 trees and “A Little Lending Library” to the new park on Canal Street. 


The above are just a few examples of the way we give back. Our Realtors and offices do several additional acts of kindness throughout the year. Giving back to our communities is ingrained in our culture from our founder, Mrs. Gertrude Gardner.









Brand Presence | Telling Your Story and Gardner’s Story.


We realize that if we aren’t creating the narrative, others will try to do it for you.  That’s why we will be releasing quarterly industry communications designed to inform the industry of what we’re up to.  Also, we will be providing value to the industry with the best Broker Tour email out there.


In our communities, we will be telling your story in creative ways. We have started the launch of our full-blown office social media strategy to targeted audiences. We are also exploring video streaming advertising opportunities on Netflix, Hulu etc. 


We will be opening an office in the French Quarter. You can expect increased brand presence, increased sales and overall growth in the Quarter. Also, we will host some fun parties in the new space! 


Crystal has accepted the invitation from the nominating committee of GNO, Inc. NextGen to join their Council so that we can join the conversation on elevating economic progress for our region. We also look forward to identifying additional ways that our company can serve the greater real estate needs of our region. Gardner Realtors continues as an Anchor Investor in the economic development of our region.

We are working behind the scenes with a major local business to design a beautiful piece of art to be placed in the heart of our city in honor of our Gardner Family.  I believe you will be proud of this exciting new initiative that will be cherished by locals and tourists alike for generations to come.



Culture of Family, Commitment and Success.


This year, we will focus on gathering insight from you through surveys and discussions to make data-driven decisions on where we choose to invest to further support your business.



Attract the Most Reputable Realtors in the Industry.


We are focused on attracting the most reputable Realtors in our industry who can contribute to our culture of success, innovation, and family. Is there is someone in the industry who you believe would be a good fit for our company and culture? Let your manager, Chip, or Crystal know so we can discuss the many ways we can support them in their business.



Enhanced Automated Marketing Options.


We believe the highest and best use of your time is spent building and strengthening relationships through "Live FLOW" and "Auto FLOW" (AKA your Daily Nine Success Habits). This is why we design our back end marketing systems to be automated. Our goal is that setting up Auto FLOW(systems to stay in touch with your sphere) would take the least amount of your time and the content would provide the most amount of value to your clients.


This year, we will focus on making it even more simple and less time consuming to send out valuable content to your sphere. In addition to newly designed social media templates, Gardner to theMax three-click campaigns, enhanced content for your website and local real estate newsletter content, you will be the first in our region to benefit from a new type of FLOW... This new FLOW is designed to drive repeat and referral business for Realtors by visually showing your clients how to build wealth through their real estate investments. We are aiming to launch this after Mardi Gras.


Because of your commitment to clients, we have helped more locals in their real estate transactions than any other company locally, and we are continually growing! Thank you for your dedication to our industry, and thank you for allowing us to show our dedication to you.



Cheers to our success together in 2020! 



With sincere gratitude, 


Crystal, Chip, Glenn & Sharon

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