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About Me

Can you imagine living just an hour away from Disney World and Cinderella's castle?

That's just where Megan spent her early childhood. You can probably guess there plenty of weekend trips to the beach or to Disney. However, favorite childhood memories started in the home and are centered around the family who lived there with her.

"The dynamics of family life within a home have always intrigued me," Megan said, "and I want to help others create a life they love, starting in their home! I know that the work I get to do here at Gardner ultimately helps people find a space in which to build some of their fondest memories - memories that'll stick with them and carry them where they're meant to be in this world. The house that becomes a home is the setting for those meaningful memories. That's something I'm passionate about and I know that my work helps people find that home."

As Marketing Coordinator at Gardner, Megan works each day with the Marketing Team to provide efficient strategies for the company as a whole, the realtors, as well as their clients. Her sharpened leadership skills help her provide kind, clear communication, high-quality material, and personalized help.

Soon after moving to New Orleans after college, she married the unexpected man of her dreams and shaped the youngest hearts as a preschool teacher. When the time came to take a risk and change fields to come work for Gardner Realtors, she jumped to pursue her passion of helping others make their dreams come true.

Megan loves to take the morning slow, sip a cup of coffee, and read a good book in her breakfast nook as the morning light peers in through the window. She loves serving the community through her local church and is passionate about living life to the full and helping others do the same!